McPartland Corporation
15 Evans Place
Amesbury, MA 01913
Tel. (978) 388-6733
Fax. (978) 388-2082
Email. info@mcpartlandcorp.com

"McPartland Development has done three major renovations at our home over the past six years. Renovating our attic into a beautiful 3rd floor bedroom suite, a complete kitchen renovation and most recently our Master Bedroom. With the 3rd floor project (2007), the major challenge was creating a space that flowed with the rest of the house. They pulled it off seamlessly! They gave great ideas for added storage and created a bed platform on a track that slides back to create more room. The kitchen renovation was completed in 2011 and is really a masterpiece! McPartland worked closely with us, listened to our ideas and needs and helped us create the kitchen of our dreams! We simply showed them a photo of a pantry space we loved and they duplicated it perfectly with master craftsmanship. The Master Bedroom was completed in January 2013. McPartland built beautiful and functional built-ins that have transformed a dark room with little closet space into an open, airy sanctuary with TONS of storage! The best part of the McPartland Development team is that we see the same masterful workers in 2013 as we did in 2007. We know the framers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and painters all by name. Each and every one of the workers is polite, friendly and takes great care in causing as little disruption as possible. It says quite a bit about McPartland Development that they have retained the same crew for so many years. Honestly, we would never trust anyone else to do renovations in our home. They are a quality company with outstanding customer service."

Timm Runnion and Jennifer Rocco Runnion
Amesbury, MA